Note: while this book was inspired by the unemployment crisis caused by the worldwide 2008 economic implosion, the universal issues,solutions and options discussed apply equally to everyone of any age dissatisfied with their current employment and seeking a new, better paying or different job,


YES!  There is an easy to find and proven Great New Job that is just waiting for you...  you only need to look in the right place.

It ts TRUE! Every day you hear over and over about the tens of millions of "everyday folks" who, thanks to the combination of technology and globalization, are currently unemployed plus tens of millions more who are seriously under-employed (working, but either woefully underpaid or in jobs demanding less than their capability or full potential).

The good news is that most of these unemployed/underemployed men and women (who are no different, smarter, more intelligent or capable than you are right now... today) can almost immediately find a new Great New Job and begin again to earn a regular income.


BUT... while millions and millions of todays unemployed and underemployed yearn to once again take back control of their economic lives  -- many are so discouraged and beaten down by the traditional frustrating job search process that they have actually and simply given up trying.  Tragically, they have left the job market and are not even counted in the unemployment statistics.

This means, unless something changes, they will remain stuck in their current dead-end spot and will still be searching for an employer to offer a high-paying position commensurate with their education, talent and  experience, and, sadly, they may remain stuck a year from now,,. many will never even get started.


You have a chance to avoid the personal, emotional and financial disaster of remaining unemployed or under-employed by recognizing a simple insight. It’s really not that difficult: You just need to learn to how to look beyond the job-search websites to discover how and where to find hundreds of easy to get Great New Jobs.






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From: Dan Schwartz, Executive Director (Retired)                                                                                                                                                                                   

NOBOSS® The National Organization of Business/Income Opportunity Seekers

Dear Job Seeker,

If you are serious about findiing a new Great New Job and are frustrated and discouraged by the traditional job-hunting process of distributing your resume, answering Help Wanted Ads, searching internet websites and ‘’networking’ we’ve terrific news for you.

Sure, to gain an income you need to work... to have a job... to be ‘employed’.

But if you’ve tried all the old techniques that worked once-upon-a-time and they are  not working today, then it’s time to face the reality that the entire global economy has been upset and something new has to be tried.

The trick is simply to turn the employment equation upside down.

Stop pushing yourself through all those self-defeating job-hunting tactics (i.e., resume development, distribution, networking etc.). Take back control of the job-hunting process. Start actually enjoying an enhanced quality of life and earn yourself a significant income.

You just need to change the dynamics of the process.

If you’ve been searching for any length of time -- not just a couple of weeks, but if you’ve been hunting for months... perhaps for years... the fact is that, for some reason, it’s just not happening for YOU.

And, this is likely not your fault. The workplace environment has changed dramatically. Your skills and training may now be obsolete; the kind of job you worked in successfully for years of even decades have simply evaporated... lost in cyberspace, gone overseas or were automated out of existance.

Your answer is to accept the reality that you may not ever find a new employer willing to put you back on the payroll at the level and income you deserve. Rather than just give up, the way  to win is to be smart enough to turn the process to your advantage...

in other words, you no longer have to strive to find an employer to hire you. Instead YOU BECOME THE EMPLOYER and simply hire yourself.

OK -- you say “you make that sound simple -- but exactly how does it work?

Well, it IS simple!  To start you may want to get yourself a copy of


and you can “START TO WORK TOMORROW”...


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A first step is to simply re-examine your personal definition of the word ‘employment’.

It is likely, from the day you left school or graduated from high school or college, your very first objective was to find a job on some company’s payroll. You were trained almost from infancy to possess a “payroll mentallity”.

You were conditioned to think of yourself as an extension of your payroll employer. You  did more than just work for “X” company -- in a way you defined yourself as a part of “X” company -- and felt proud about how great and important “X” company was... and, as a result, you developed a fierce loyalty to “X” company.

In the old days, that’s how it was supposed to work.. and how once-upon-a-time DID work. But, when “X” company folded or merged or reorganized, to your shock and dismay you suddenly found out, to your shock and dismay, you were expendable.   Loyalty no longer existed in the workforce. In fact, it never did. It was always an illusion.

So now what? What to do?

The next time you are asked to complete a form that asks for your employment status, instead of checking the box next to “unemployed’ or “under-employed” --  you check the box right next to “Self-Employed”.

When you started reading about “HOW ANYONE CAN FIND A GREAT NEW JOB TODAY, START WORK TOMORROW AND NEVER, EVER BE UNEMPLOYED OR UNDER-EMPLOYED AGAIN”” it is likely that the very last thing on your mind was starting a business. After all, you’ve been trained since leaving school to think of yourself as a worker -- working for someone else. Most of the long-term unemployed and under-employed simply don’t ccinsider themselves as entrepreneurs. Becoming another Donald Trump or Bill Gates is simply not their personal objective.

And there’s noting wrong about that.  Most people don’t want the make the commitment required to start a build a business empire. They don’t want to commit to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as is required of true entrepreneurs.  They just want to go to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and be able to make enough money to be able to take care of themselves, raise a family and -- eventually -- retire comfortably.

In other words -- they don’t want to launch an empire... they just want a simple Job.

This is not a problem. 

What you need to understand is that to be ‘self-employed’ does not require you become another Donald Trump. Okay, you do start a business -- but it’s nowhere near the kind of  business your thinking about. In fact, it’s little more than getting up in the morning and going to work at your job... the main difference is you’re now working for yourself.

AND THINK ABOUT IT. Suddenly you are in total control of your own destiny. You no longer have to worry about pleasing a cranky or unreasonable boss. You no longer have to be concerned about office politics or some new hire who has an eye on your position. And absolutely nobody is going to fire you.

Now, also, nobody going to say that self-employment is easy. This new proposition is not totally problem-free. You gain, instead, a new set of problems -- but they are, for many (especially the currently unemployed and under-employed) all solvable. Best of all you’ve shifted control of your own destiny away from others who have no real interest in your personal worklife.


Sadly, most of the long-term unemployed and under-employed don't have a clue as to how to effectively find the best self-employment opportunity. That is why this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

I technically retired 8 years ago. I started researching hundreds of self-employment opportunities way back as 1978 when I first launched NOBOSS® (The National Organization of Business Opportunity Seekers) and published the nations first National Directory of Income Opportunities (Farnsworth Publishing NY). In 1995 NOBOSS® went online and until I retired in 2006 NOBOSS® had helped over 1,500,000 self-employment seekers research and compare information on different income generating options, ranging all the way from displaying goods at swap meets on weekends to network marketing to learning locksmith skills and hundreds of types of self-employment jobs and home-biz opportunities inbetween.

And, while I learned how to help individuals navigate through the sometimes bewildering maze of potential options for self-employment opportunities to learn how to identify those that made the most sense for them... I quickly realized there was no one perfect universal job I could recommend should be considered by everyone. Far from it.  It was always YOUR responsibility to check out whichever opportunity you were seriously considering -- and to thoroughly understand all the pros and cons involved.

The jargon big business uses for this type research is to perform a "Due Diligence".

Here's the 'bad news'...

In all these years, we've searched at libraries, in bookstores and all over the Internet for something, anything, that went beyond the generalities to help the individual job seeker sort out the truth about an opportunity and dig beneath the surface... to go behind the enthusiastic one-sided positive spin provided in the sales pitches developed to convince you to undertake their job or opportunity over choosing another.

Of course, you can type "business opportunity scams" into Google and find several websites that list purported biz-op scams. However, we've found that many of these sites are highly biased and sometimes represent personal grudges instead of reality. Thus, in addition to listing some outright scams, you may often end up ignoring perfectly valid programs that are actually great money-making jobs for lots of people.

PLUS... chances are the best option for you may not even be mentioned. So, scam sites are of limited value to help you avoid disaster and gain true insights into most of the opportunities available.

There are also firms that offer professional due diligence services to big business corporations who want to check out a competitor for a company before they purchase or merge. This is hardly a service the average job seeker would want or could afford.

So... What is the average job seeker who NEEDS to know the real story about the chance to succeed in a self-employment business to do?

Now, the really 'good news'... I finally made it happen!

IF... I was going to provide you with real, practical, no-nonsense advice and easy to understand step-by-step directions so you can get the real nitty gritty scoop on that specific self-employment opportunity you are checking out, and...

IF... I wanted to provide you an extra level of protection from failure and a bonus potential for success when you  launch your new self-employment business, and...

IF... the objective was to get behind the hype and hoopla because EVERY income opportunity sales pitch naturally focuses on all the pluses of its program...

THEN... I was going to write it myself. And I did.

So The Next Step Is Now Up To YOU ... 

To Get Your Copy Of 


so you can “START TO WORK TOMORROW”...



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"For the first time, I've got all the information I have needed 

to feel comfortable with my decision 

to start my self-employment business."

-- J.H. Pismo Beach, CA *


"Oh how I wish I had heard about 

;How To Find A Great New Job Today, Start Work Tomorrow’ etc, a year ago. 

I never would have lost the time I remained unemployed or under-employed or the thousands of dollars I might have earned.

-- D.S. Jamestown, DE *


"I've searched and searched for something 

that would give me this kind of input -- 

so I could really find out the insider info about a self-employment opportunity. "

-- B.P. Webster, S.D. * (READ "IMPORTANT NOTE" (BELOW)

* IMPORTANT NOTE. When reading promotional material for business opportunities simply don’t rely on ALL the testimonials provided by the sales companies.  Sure, many may be valid and true -- but no company is going to offer you a testimonial that doesn’t tell you how great they are. At best they are ALL biased. At worst, they made be made up.

The three examples quoted above, for example, never happened. I just made them up to demonstrate a point. You can't believe everything you read on the internet. You need to research; to conduct a due diligence - and I tell you how to in “HOW ANYONE CAN FIND A GREAT NEW JOB TODAY. START WORK TOMORROW and NEVER, EVER Be UNEMPLOYED Or UNDER-EMPLOYED Again.”

Because our target audience includes many who are unemployed  I’ve kept the price so low it  is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LOSE.

Here are just a few of the Strategies, Research Techniques, Special Tools and Critical Issues you will learn about...

    * How to establish a realistic personal criteria checklist before even beginning to initiate the due diligence evaluation of a specific self-employment business opportunity.

    * How dig out the real scoop about the turnover factor in a self-employment business opportunity... and then, most important, evaluate its implications for YOU.

    * Which, among the thousands of legitimate self-employment options available, is likely the best for your personal interests and needs?.

    * How to identify the true dollar cost of a start-up and the timeline required between launch and income flow. Can you live with it?

    * Finding the primary bottom line decision factor in assessing the viability of a self-employment opportunity (it's rarely income alone!)

    * How to pinpoint the ultimate income opportunity source that stands behind the offer -- a critical piece of input YOU NEED before you decide.

    * How to intelligently balance all the plus points presented in the self-employment business opportunity sales pitch against the downside list you develop -- as every self-employment business has its '"downside."

    * How best explore the broader industry-wide issues that impact your decision, including current and potential competition, plus all the short and long-term trends that impact the product or service involved.

"For over 10 years I dreamed of starting my own self-employment business -- right out of my home. It never happened. I was always afraid of taking the chance. NOW -- at last, I think I've got the input I need to give it a try and make my dreams come true.

--Hans Blockerman, PMC Inc.

* here’s another made up testimonial... just a reminder to not just rely on written statements (it's different if you are given a chance to talk to someone who is actually working the program and you've a chance to ask questions and evaluate responses).

It's true. For every long-term unemployed or under-employed person who understands the simple answer to the problem is self-employment , there are a hundred "wannabees" who just can't put the pieces together.  "HOW ANYONE CAN FIND A GREAT NEW JOB TODAY. START WORK TOMORROW and NEVER, EVER Be UNEMPLOYED Or UNDER-EMPLOYED Again” was written as a resource for them. The fact is, today there are thousands more ways to earn a great self-employment income than ever before. So, the question is not "is there a self-employment option that would work for me?" but -- instead -- which of the choices is going to be the best for me to succeed in?

You will learn;

    * To go beyond simple conversation and Q&A's during phone contact to glean greater insights into a self-employment opportunity source's true support capabilities.

    * The value and use of researching basic resources like bank relationships and Dun & Bradstreet ratings in a due diligence work-up.

    * The most important signals and alerts you can glean directly from a business opportunity's website... It's much, much more than meets the eye.

    * How to identify the true nature, scope and reality of the market potential that exists for any product or service.

    * To consdier the life cycle of the product or service offered. Is it in its introductory, or first-expansion stage... or its slow death phase?

    * Significance of market size in relation to your specific geographic and/or practical reach.

    * Ways to avoid the "Big Trap"

    * The potential for niche marketing of a product or service to identify hot spots that may not have yet been exploited and are ripe for the picking.



    * Strategies to relate the pros and cons of a specific self-employment business to YOUR interests and needs.

    * A dramatically heightened chance for success in any self-employment business that you launch.

    * Multiple investigative resources and techniques to pinpoint the validity of a self-employment income opportunity.

    * Tools to help you discern critical issues that could make or break YOUR self-employment business.

    * Techniques to strip out the emotional appeal and hype so you can look dispassionately at the business itself... and much, much more.


If You DO NOT Meet The Following Criteria, Do NOT Waste Your Time Or Money... Do NOT Buy



    * You are convinced, in your heart, that you are a winner and know that you are as good or better than many who already have made it happen.

    * You know you have the self-discipline required to do the work without a boss looking over your shoulder every minute of the day.

    * You are not easily discouraged by well-meaning friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers, who are afraid for you to fail (OR afraid you may succeed).

Think about it...

And Get Your Copy Of 





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Think about the day when you take full and total control of your own job-search... totally eliminate the tedium of sending out resume after resume...  finally change the paradigm... change the habit of depending on another for your paycheck...  and creatie your next ‘and last ‘job’ for yourself by launching your very own self-employment business...

OR think about the day when you give notice at work; quit the ranks of payroll drones and commit to launch your own self-employment business... to (BYOB) be your own boss.

Succeeding in a self-employment business is not for everybody. And that's OK. After all, somebody has to flip the burgers at the fast food and sit in cubicles all day sorting paperwork, emails and files.

It takes a willingness to take a chance... guts and gumption. It takes belief in yourself to strike out on your own. For those of us who can measure up to the challenge, it is the very best of all ways to make a living. For some a terrific living.

Give Yourself An 'Edge' On The Self-Employment Money-Making Success Track

When you buy "HOW ANYONE CAN FIND A GREAT NEW JOB TODAY. START WORK TOMORROW and NEVER, EVER Be UNEMPLOYED Or UNDER-EMPLOYED Again” you give yourself a better than even chance to join all those who chose self-employment over unemployment and under-employment and succeed.

The sad fact is that everyone doesn’t succeed. Many who try the self-employment option are destined to fail. Not necessarily because the businesses launched were scams (although some are)... but much more often because the long-term unemployed and under-employed who start a business on their own, do so without insight into possible pitfalls and without the information we provide to you.

In other words, while they thought of launching a self-employment business themselves and saw how others were enjoying good results, once activated, it was simply NOT a good personal fit. And all that time, effort and much, much more was wasted, because unless a self-employment opportunity is right for YOU then it is not going to work.

And, if you act RIGHT NOW I am pleased to offer to email to you a selection of FREE BONUS Special Reports now being developed.

To encourage everyone who is serious about launching a self-employment business to learn the insider secrets, strategies, techniques and ideas I've gathered in "HOW ANYONE CAN FIND A GREAT NEW JOB TODAY. START WORK TOMORROW and NEVER, EVER Be UNEMPLOYED Or UNDER-EMPLOYED Again” I want to entice you even further by to emailing to you immediately as they are produced a series of FREE Special Reports like:

FREE Special Report #1:  10 websites we found where you can find a “Great New Job TODAY... Start Work TOMORROW”...  each with limited (from literally $0 to under $500) upfront cost) .

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FREE NOBOSS® Special Report #2: 10 websites I found where you can l find a “Great New Job TODAY... Start Work TOMORROW”... and where you never have to ‘sell’ anyone anything -- your customers find you and demand that you take their money.

FREE NOBOSS® Special Report #3: 10 websites I found where you can learn a service skill that you can turn into money-making self-employment opportunity.

and with many more Special Reports to come.


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Dan Schwartz, Executive Director (retired)                                                                                                                                    

PS. If you really, truly want to find a self-employment option that is right for you, you need to be confident about your decision. You need all the input you can get to be able to check-out in advance whether the opportunity you are launching is the right one for YOU?

Still concerned that self-employment is not for your because you can’t “sell” -- you didn’t pay attention to what we said earlier.

Many who are currently long-term unemployed or under-employed have never seriously considered self-employment because they just don’t see themselves as ever being able to ‘sell’ anything to anybody. They don’t understand. It doesn’t matter if YOU are not a salesperson. There are plenty of options where you can start a successful self-employment business and you don’t have to sell anything to anyone. It’s better than that. People find you because you have something they want.. They ask you... they beg you to take their money in trade for something you have to give them.

First YOU survey the hundreds and hundreds of self-employment job options and offers that are available to YOU right now -- and then YOU select the one that best ‘fits’ your personal objectives. Like I just said, YOU are now in Control.

There are hundreds of self-employment jobs where you don’t have to sell -- but, instead, you are asked to teach how something works. There are others where you make something... you learn to manufacture some item that others want to purchase.

The trick is to learn where these self-employment jobs are and then to  choose among the hundreds of options to find just the right opportunity for you... and then take all the steps necessary to make double-sure you understand both the upside and the downside of each option in order to limit your risk of failure.

So... Do it NOW! 


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